SHAMROCK villa was built just after World War II, in the typical style found - almost - everywhere in the "concession".

First ownership of a printer Brussels (who had it built), she was seized by the Belgian state because of the collaborative activities of such person during the war.

The Belgian state SHAMROCK sold at auction in 1951 to a family who lived there for many years before using it as a holiday home, then rent it.

Thus, in the early 1970s, I had the opportunity to spend a wonderful vacation every July.

Until 1990 when, following the death of the owner and the heirs of his decision to sell, we had the opportunity to buy SHAMROCK.

Since then, dozens of families spent their holidays in any season.

Year after year we try to improve the comfort of the villa, while retaining its charm.

Because the old houses have a priceless memory to be preserved, and the villas of the "Concession" the Rooster at sea, are among the few witnesses who can remember what it was like the Belgian coast is a semi- century.



This year, the ground floor (except kitchen) has been completely renovated: new tile, placing a solid oak floor, new electrical, plastering and painting ...

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